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Welcome to Gallery Persia's on-line catalogue, detailing our current stock of Rugs, Carpets and Tribal Trappings both Old and Antique and Contemporary items. For further information on any item please use the 'contact us' link on the page of the item you are interested in along with your query.

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To view Gallery Persia's current stock please select from the category links below.

Antique Rug
Old and Antique Rugs

Antique Runner
Old and Antique Runners

Antique Carpet
Old and Antique Carpets

Contemporary Rug
Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary Runner
Contemporary Runners

Contemporary Carpet
Contemporary Carpets

Kilims & Flatweaves
Kilims & Flatweaves

Antique Salt Bag
Bags & Trappings

Tribal Artifacts
Tribal Artifacts