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"The Trappings of Tribal Life"

Gordon MacDonald has gathered a collection of antique indigenous hand woven nomadic weavings depicting fine tribal weaving through the years for this Exhibition and Sale.  Tribal weavings include old and antique soffrehs, salt bags, saddlebags, kilims, vanity bags, large woven grain bags, cushions and rugs and carpets.

Rugs made for sale or trade were a by-product of ancient weaving traditions among nomads. They also created a great range of containers, for personal use, to hold and safeguard everything they owned. These varied from enormous double saddlebags, to bags for carrying salt for their animals, to a tiny single bag designed to hold precious possessions.
This exhibition aims to give the viewer an insight into this wonderful ancient way of life, sadly no longer with us.

The pieces in the exhibition are for sale together with a superb collection of old, antique and contemporary Eastern rugs, carpets and runners along with a collection of artefacts from the North-West Frontier including old wooden chests and jewellery .

Signed copies of the latest book by author and good friend Brian MacDonald "Tribal Rugs Treasures of the Black Tent" will also be on sale

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